Norelco 8240XL Shaver is made Philips, it’s  an affordable rotary shaver that satisfies many of its users. Makers of this product believe that to achieve what you’ve been asking for in a razor, everything should start first with the design. Easy Handling An ergonomic design promises ease in shaving. Norelco 8240xl has 3 floating heads, a pop-up trimmer and is great for fast shaving.

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Norelco 8240XL shaver rotary heads systems

Norelco 8240XL shaver’s rotary equipped with 3 reflex action system of shaving heads have optimal function, all three systems are:

  • Super Lift & Cut shaving technology with Dual blade system of your Norelco 8240xl shaver: first blade lifts, second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.
  • Precision Cutting System, which makes even the shortest stubble shaves with Norelco 8240xl shaver has ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes.
  • Reflex Action system which makes Automatically adjusts to every curve of your face and neck.
  • Speed-XL shaving heads for a fast and close shave makes a fast and close shave with The three shaving tracks offer 50% more shaving surface.

Norelco 8240xl have the Precision Cutting System features ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble. Super Lift and Cut Technology ensures a close shave with a dual blade system designed to lift hairs to cut comfortably below skin level.

8240XL Quieter than comparable electric razors

norelco 8240XL Most users say the  8240XL is very quiet in your hand — in fact, one  user reports wondering whether it was getting up to the appropriate RPMs because Norelco 8240xl was so quiet. “However the proof was in the shave,” he writes. “I was extremely impressed with the end result.” Although a few users say the 8240XL is so light that it “lacks heft” in your hand, one user sums up the consensus, saying that this razor is quieter, lighter and shaves faster than his previous model (in this case, a higher-end Philips).

Norelco 8240xl Easy to clean

A good number of users note that Norelco 8240xl doesn’t have a cleaning system. They also say, however, that a cleaning system isn’t necessary; a thorough rinse under running water is both easy and adequate. Some say Norelco 8240xl is small enough for travel, although there’s no battery indicator to signal when it’s time for a recharge. Opinions are fairly well split about whether having a battery indicator matters. Some users say it’s not important because you can use the norelco 8240XL with or without its cord.

Norelco 8240xl is the shaver simply rinses clean for easy maintenance.

A two-year warranty

The Norelco 8240XL is covered by a full two-year warranty, and it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. We didn’t find any comments about Philips customer service — positive or negative — from reviewers who own Norelco 8240xl razor.


Norelco 8240XL Review

Although some say the Philips Norelco 8240XL tugs on whiskers if you don’t shave for a few days, most of the 900-plus users who took the time to write reviews on and say Norelco 8240XL offers a quick, clean, comfortable shave.

Review By Kim Kolo  , Contributors to, August30, 2013
About Norelco 8240XL Review Men’s Rotary Shaver (Health and Beauty)
quality product

I purchased Norelco 8240XL for a gift for my boyfriend. He has used electric razors in the past but didnt feel like they shaved close enough. I took a chance and purchased Norelco 8240XL because regular razors irritate his skin. He loves Norelco 8240XL! It shaves close, its easy to clean and holds a charge. The only thing that is a small negitive is when its plugged in the light flashes. So we arent sure if its low charge or needs to be charged because it always flashes, ……but still very happy with quality and performance.

Review By Edward C Hamel(Homosassa, FL USA)  , Contributors to, July20, 2013
About Norelco 8240XL Review Men’s Rotary Shaver (Health and Beauty)
Long time user

My third Norelco, Norelco 8240XL is the best one. Been using them for thirty years. Have never exchanged heads. Always soften beard first.

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Review By gak48  , Contributors to, November11, 2012
About Norelco 8240XL Review Men’s Rotary Shaver (Health and Beauty)
Great Shaver for the Price

Used to be a Norelco 8240XL user, then was given a Braun 7000 series shaver by the family. Used it for several years, but never got a good shave despite changing foils and cutters every 6 months. Went back to Norelco with the purchase of the 8240XL and am glad I did. Much better (closer) shave, especially around the edges – chin, lips, adams apple, etc. Very quiet. First full charge and I’m still using the shaver after 4 1/2 weeks. Plenty of charge time for me. But the feature I like best ……. you can clean out the shaver head with tap water. With the Braun 7000 series, you had to use their special cleaning solution ($5/3 weeks). With the money I’m saving just from that, I could buy a new shaver every year. Yes, as others have noted, there is no low charge indicator light on this model, but with the length of charge and the 3 minute quick charge if you do run out, that doesn’t seem to be a big issue for me. Would definitely recommend Norelco 8240xl shaver.